Custom PlayStation 4 Wallpapers

PlayStation Wallpapers (PSW) brings high quality custom wallpapers to your PS4.

My name is Anthony, I am a designer by trade and I have created this site to bring you the best, high quality wallpapers for your PlayStation 4.

The placement of each wallpaper I upload has been carefully thought about, to work best with the PlayStation 4’s cross-media bar. This is something that isn’t really considered by other wallpaper websites, who go for mass volume of wallpapers. Here at PSW I am aiming for quality, not quantity, guaranteed that each wallpaper looks awesome as your PlayStation 4 background.

This site will showcase exactly what the wallpaper you download will look like on your PS4 dashboard and with a simple click on the full image, you can view, take a screenshot and then apply the same wallpaper as your very own PS4 dashboard wallpaper. You can view (or watch) my guide on how to install wallpapers on to your PS4 on the right side of this page.

Custom wallpapers can be installed from PS4 firmware v4.50 and higher, simply navigate to our site (using the quicker domain) via the console’s Web Browser app and navigate to a wallpaper you like, save it to your console by screen capturing the full screen view and then use this capture as your custom wallpaper.

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I hope you enjoy the site!

PSW <3

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