PlayStation consoles allow players to set custom backgrounds, meaning a space for personality to shine through. People want to show the kinds of things they love and make their own PS background unique to them.

Blackjack players may find that they can take imagery from the game and turn this into their unique background, a bit like putting artwork up in their house to show their hobbies.

The Popularity of Blackjack

Blackjack has continued to grow in popularity as it has evolved. The game was originally played in person in casinos and has its roots in Europe as early as the 1700s (people dispute the exact time when the game started).

In the 1990s and 2000s, the game evolved as it was taken online, with people making simple versions of the game that could be played on an online interface.

Blackjack becoming available to play on mobile devices has taken things even further, and playing blackjack online is simple on a variety of different devices. Android and iOS users can connect and play the game using mobile data, so it is even an option to play while someone is on the train or bus, or in a waiting room. 

The popularity of casino games is hard to work out to an exact number, but estimates show that there are around 30 million people around the world who play blackjack. Look at the number of books available that are based around blackjack, and even movies that have been made involving the game (remember Rain Man?)

Fans of blackjack may not choose to show that they are publicly or they may go around wearing blackjack tee shirts and even having backgrounds on their phone, or, of course, their PlayStation console.

Changing to a Blackjack-Themed Background

Decision made, you’re ready to change the background of your PlayStation to something that shows off blackjack or other card games – how do you do it?

On the PS4, the process is not too difficult but it does take a little bit of effort. Using the inbuilt browser you can navigate to the image that you want to use online, and then take a screenshot using the PS4 capture button.

When you go into settings and then themes you can then choose to add a custom image. Select the image from the Other folder which is where your screenshot should be. You can also choose tools like gradient and color to add some extra interest or tweak how it looks. 

Most of the steps to change your background and wallpaper are the same if you want to use your own image from a memory card, except you will need to import that image into your PS4.

Finding Images

Online image searches can provide people with a way to find the ideal blackjack image for the backdrop, or perhaps they can even use screenshots from a time when they played the game, for instance. People all want to show something slightly different.

Click to open & save – 4K Blackjack Image Wallpaper for PlayStation Wallpapers

Canva and online design tools can also be a way to tweak the images and add a little twist to them, or even make a specific background from scratch. Canva has many free graphic design elements including playing cards. 

If you’ve taken blackjack images yourself from a time when you were playing the game these may be an even more personal option for putting in the background of your PlayStation interface. 

Blackjack Depictions in PlayStation Games

As you’ve seen from the guide, it is perhaps easiest to change the background to an image from an existing game, by taking a simple screenshot while playing. Not everyone realizes, but there are actually depictions of blackjack or versions that can be played within games on PS4 or PS5. 

Characters can play blackjack in certain games, and casinos have long been incorporated into games made by Rockstar Gaming. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an example of a game where players can find a mini-game based on blackjack. RDR2 isn’t alone, either, some other titles include blackjack versions and mini-games. If a player wants to use these to create their wallpaper, all they have to do is take a screenshot before following the steps to set a custom theme and use the image. 


Blackjack is played by millions and is a popular hobby with simple imagery. Card combinations are popular choices for setting as the backdrop, and PlayStation even allows people to tweak the way it looks with a gradient. A bit more effort is needed to make custom graphics but free software like Canva means it is possible for people who want to take a little extra time and do this, but those who just want to make a quick change to a blackjack graphic can find stock images or take screenshots of gameplay to use. 

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