Choosing a PS Wallpaper Based on Your Favorite Slot Games

Just because you’re a big fan of the world’s best video game console doesn’t mean you can’t be a pokie enthusiast, too. The games available on the PlayStation console are diverse and offer great entertainment. However, this console has a very limited offer for casino games.

If you are a fan of both things, there is an opportunity to connect them. Namely, you can expect double satisfaction by choosing and setting a PS wallpaper based on your favorite slot (pokie) games. To make the most of this situation, consider which of your favorite slot games belong to the same genre as your favorite PS games.

To help you choose, we’ve written this short guide. Read it to the end to decide about the wallpaper you will use.


Do you love story games that increase your adrenaline level after a few seconds? If you are like most players, then the answer to this question is yes.

Whether you prefer to play PlayStation games or pokies, the good news is that you have plenty of choice. For example, games like Dragon’s Sige pokie from Woohoo Games will keep you on the edge of your seat. They bring exciting moments primarily through bonuses such as free spins and progressive jackpots. In this particular example, it is also worth mentioning that the game has a high RTP of 98%.

So, there are fun action/adventure titles in casinos and PlayStation. The example we have given also includes elements of fantasy. If you’re looking for a PS wallpaper that matches what we’re talking about, we’d advise you to go with a wallpaper inspired by Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Of course, wallpapers that include elements from popular action and adventure games like GTA V, Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny 2, and even Star Wars Battlefront 2 are considered. These titles have left a significant mark on this genre in recent years.


Although some people think that pokies do not include themes like fighting and that this theme is only for PC games or console games, this is not true. There are a decent number of pokies in which the story revolves around fighting.

“Take the Kingdom” is a good example of that. It’s a game, in which the main hero enters into a fight with a mythical dragon, to save the kingdom and win the heart of the princess. This is one of the most popular online pokies in Australia with an excellent RTP (96.53%) as well as a bunch of unique features, including free spins, multipliers, and random wilds.

If we had to compare it to a PlayStation game, it would probably be For Honor. Experienced players know that the fighting genre is especially popular on this platform, and in addition to the title we mentioned, Injustice 2, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat XL, and Tekken 7 should also be listed.

The good news is that you will find great wallpapers inspired by these PS titles that will remind you of Take the Kingdom or other pokies in which fighting plays the leading role.


With millions of fans of various sports worldwide, it’s no surprise that there is so much interest in sports-themed games.

From what we found on the internet, we can conclude that several hundred active pokies have stories related to football, cricket, basketball, tennis, baseball, and other more or less popular sports.

Global Cup Soccer is one of the most played pokies among them. It is expected, considering the popularity of this sport at the world level. Interestingly, the Global Cup Soccer pokie has classic gameplay. The whole activity takes place on three reels and has only one payline.

However, the players are attracted mainly by the uncomplicated gameplay as well as the possibility to bet with very small amounts. And in the world of PlayStation games, it is no different. Many titles will make you feel like a top athlete.

NBA2K17, F1 2016, Steep, and Rocket League are some of the games attracting attention worldwide. However, if you enjoy football the most, we advise looking for wallpapers based on the FIFA PS game.


Car racing has a solid fan base, so game developers are definitely not neglecting this genre.

If we compare them, we can say that PS titles offer far better options. Still, there are also quite a few pokies on this topic that can satisfy your interest in cars.

This time, we will give you an example of a game that may not be a complete racing game. But if you like car games, you probably know it. It’s about Hit the Route online pokie that takes you to the famous North American Route 66.

With this game, you can drive a beautiful car from the 70s on an iconic road. This is more of a car game that lets you walk down memory lane than a modern racing game.

Despite everything, the matches with some elements of console games like GT Sport, Need for Speed Payback, Cars 3, and even the renewed Need for Speed are visible. Look for wallpapers with any of these titles if you want to remember the pleasant moments in the pokie we mentioned.

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