Horror Theme Custom PlayStation 4 (PS4) Wallpapers

If you feel in the moOOOOod to add a frighting touch of horror to your games console, we have a run down to the top horror custom wallpapers for your PS4 (however you could also download these on to your Xbox One too!).

Let’s get started…

Alien Isolation

You need a fresh new pair of space overalls when playing through this game.

Download Alien: Isolation custom wallpaper



With theme ripped straight out of a Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, Bloodbourne will bring the chills to your dashboard.

Download Bloodbourne custom wallpaper


Death Stranding

Little is still known about this game, but from the visuals we’ve seen, there’s plenty to be frightened about with this wallpaper.

Download Death Stranding custom wallpaper



Full of closet monsters, we couldn’t leave out DOOM from our line-up of scary wallpapers for your console.

Download DOOM custom wallpaper



I’ll never forget the spider scene from the classic indie game, LIMBO, as it entered onto the screen. Or when it impaled you, like a cocktail stick into cheese, if it got too close.

Download LIMBO custom wallpaper


Little Nightmares

One of my highlights of this year, Little Nightmares has some scary characters and some key edge of seat moments in the game. If you’re a fan, you’ll understand what scenes they were!

Download Little Nightmares custom wallpaper


Outlast 2

Fresh from the graveyard comes this wallpaper for Outlast 2. Like the wallpaper, the game is pretty scary too, so make sure it doesn’t bring you nightmares before you install it.

Download Outlast 2 custom wallpaper


Resident Evil 7

A halloween line-up wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Resident Evil series. VII continues the scary nature of the franchise and this wallpaper serves the mood up so well.

Download Resident Evil 7 custom wallpaper


The Evil Within 1 & 2

Fans of the Evil Within series have been treated well with the latest release of The Evil Within 2. These two wallpapers capture the mood of the game very well.

Download The Evil Within 2 custom wallpaper

Download The Evil Within custom wallpaper


Call of Duty WW2 (Zombies)

Last but not the least comes Call of Duty WW2. Not what you’d expect in a Halloween rundown, but with its highly popular zombie mode, I couldn’t resist including this in our list.

Download Call of Duty WW2 Zombie custom wallpaper


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