How to install a custom wallpaper on your PS4

If you’re looking for information on how to install a custom PS4 wallpaper, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to find out how to install custom wallpapers, and then browse our growing library of custom wallpapers, here on

Setting up is easy. Follow the simple guide below.

You need

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 or Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
  2. Console software update 4.5 (released March 7th)
  3. Access to the PS4 web browser
  4. Internet connection

How to install a custom wallpaper on your PS4

  1. Visit this site on your PS4 – we’ve made it easier with a shorter URL – or
  1. Browse and select a wallpaper you like from a growing library of custom made wallpapers. Select the View button on the wallpaper you like, to view the subpage.
  1. Click on the image, without the overlay on it, to make it go full screen. If you are now viewing full screen already, press the Square button to go full screen.
  1. Take a screenshot with the PS4 capture button (Remember to hide the cursor/pointer at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Next, go into Settings >Themes > Select Theme.
  1. Scroll to the bottom and select Custom.
  1. Choose Select Image and then select the Other folder.
  1. Now select the image that you captured in step #4
  1. Before you finish, you can choose if you’d like to add a Dim gradient at the top of the wallpaper by selecting Make Function Area Dim
  1. Finally, you can select a colour, this will be the colour of your system background.
  1. When happy with all the options, press Apply to save your background.
  1. Enjoy & tell your friends about PS Wallpapers!

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