Import Custom PlayStation 4 Wallpapers via USB

Sony has announced that it will be bringing a few new features to the PlayStation 4 that include improved editing and importing of custom wallpapers via USB.

In the PlayStation system update v5.50, Sony is allowing you to import your own images to your PS4 from a USB stick and use that image as your wallpaper. This is great news if you wish to import personal photos or simply photos that you’ve edited on your desktop.

This also allows you another way to get our stunning custom PS4 wallpapers onto your PS4, without the need to browse the site on your PS4. Simply download a single or a group of wallpapers directly from our site onto a USB stick, then import them onto your PS4.

Improved Editing

Sony will also be adding a few additional features in the Themes area to allow you to edit your custom wallpapers.

PlayStation EU shared the image above, which shows you can crop, zoom and save your wallpaper whilst using the PlayStation 4’s interface overlaid on top. Which is a great way to compose your wallpaper perfectly.

The 5.50 system update is with beta testers now and should be rolling out to everyone within 1-2 months.

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